BDHRM is a dedicated volunteering platform committed to creating better workplaces by introducing the latest industry practices, skill development initiatives, and modern technology. Our goal is to foster an environment where employers and employees can grow together. We aim to encourage continuous learning and the adoption of new tools and tactics to stay competitive in the ever-evolving job market.

At BDHRM, we focus on nurturing future professionals through a self-learning approach. All our materials are freely accessible to everyone. Our passionate team of volunteers works tirelessly to disseminate valuable workplace knowledge and insights on a completely voluntary basis.

We believe that every individual, regardless of their profession, is a potential human resource. Whether you are a business owner, a student, or an experienced professional, we invite you to join us in learning and helping others to learn. BDHRM strives to be the bridge that connects knowledge seekers with those eager to share their expertise.

Our Vision: Empowering individuals with cutting-edge business tools and skills to create better workplaces for everyone.

Our Mission: To provide accessible, high-quality contents & training in the latest business tools and skills, fostering inclusive and productive workplaces. We are committed to empower individuals and organizations through continuous learning, innovation, and community engagement.

Our Chief Advisor - Md Aminul Islam

Md Aminul Islam is a seasoned HR professional with over 10 years of experience in technical and general recruitment, HR automation, performance management systems, HR business partnering, competency framework development, Compensation & Benefit, Organizational Development and balanced scorecard implementation. He holds an MSc in Physics (Solid State) and an MBA major in Human Resources Management. Additionally, Aminul is a Six Sigma Green Belt professional with extensive IT skills, including networking, programming, AI, graphics design, video editing, and content creation.

Aminul has also a proven track record of enhancing operational efficiency and employee performance through strategic HR initiatives. His expertise also includes safety, hazard management, and compliance with Social, GMP, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001 standards.

As an HR business partner, Aminul excels in aligning HR strategies with business objectives and fostering continuous improvement. He is also dedicated to volunteering and mentoring, positively impacting aspiring HR professionals and community initiatives. Aminul’s blend of technical, HR, and safety expertise enables him to provide innovative solutions and strategic guidance, helping organizations navigate complex HR challenges and optimize their human capital. His comprehensive skills make him an invaluable asset to any team.

In case you would like to connect Aminul, please feel free to drop a mail at aminul@bdhrm.com

Coordinator - Mst Sabina Akhtar

Mst Sabina Akhtar is a passionate and dedicated individual who recently graduated with a degree in Political Science. With a strong love for people, animals, and the environment, Sabina is committed to making a positive impact in various communities.

Sabina has been involved in numerous volunteer projects, including community outreach programs, animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts, and environmental conservation campaigns. Their multidisciplinary background in political science and their passion for advocacy and service make them a valuable asset to any volunteer team.