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Top 10 AI Tools for HR: Every HR Professional Should Know

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Human Resource Management is a complex process, and some AI tools for HR can be very useful. AI platforms can simplify your work and help you make smarter decisions. They can make HR tasks easier, faster, and more effective. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 10 AI tools for HR that are must-haves for HR professionals. These tools can help you improve your HR processes and achievement of better results.

Workable : Workable is a recruitment solution designed for Human Resource Management. It facilitates finding and attracting candidates by posting jobs to over 200 sites with one click, sourcing candidates, generating job descriptions and interview questions, and assisting with email communication. It also supports creating employee profiles, organization charts, and company files. Workable offers a free demo for review. Web Address:

Manatal : Manatal is an Application Tracking System (ATS) and recruitment platform that helps HR recruiters and hiring agencies source and hire employees effectively. It enables sharing job openings across 2500+ free and premium channels, including major platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and more. Manatal supports resume shortlisting from both applicants and social media searches, along with candidate onboarding and placement management. Web Address:

Loxo : Loxo is a talent intelligence platform that integrates the entire recruiting workflow into one system. It combines ATS, CRM, outbound recruitment, data, and sourcing tools, potentially saving up to 85% of hiring time. Web Address:

Lingio : Lingio is an AI tool designed for Learning & Development professionals, facilitating the creation of engaging content in less time through gamification. It supports over 100 languages, making learning more inclusive for HR and business managers. Web Address:

Coursebox : Coursebox is an AI tool for Learning & Development professionals, offering quick access to relevant AI tools. It helps develop courses, assessments, tutoring, quiz generation, white labeling, and certificate issuance. Web Address:

Leena AI : Leena AI provides a chatbot HR help desk that enhances employee engagement, conducts surveys, and simplifies HR content management. It integrates with various platforms like SAP, ADP, Oracle, Salesforce, and more, reducing HR manpower. Web Address:

Zavvy : Zavvy by Deel is an AI tool supporting employee onboarding, engagement monitoring, performance analysis, and predictive analytics. It centralizes people development, performance, and training programs, enhancing productivity and retention. Web Address:

Workday : Workday offers comprehensive AI tools for HR service delivery, workforce analytics and planning, employee experience and engagement, workforce optimization, skills-based people strategy, diversity and inclusion, and more. Web Address:

Visier : Visier provides AI-generated People Analytics and Workforce Planning software, featuring an AI digital assistant ‘Vee’. It supports workforce planning, quality of hire analysis, resignation risk prediction, and integrates people and business data for informed decision-making. Web Address:

ReclaimAI: ReclaimAI offers an AI calendar for work and life management in virtual work environments. It automates meeting scheduling across teams to build an efficient meeting culture, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance. Web Address:

These platforms provide diverse AI-driven solutions for various aspects of Human Resource Management, from recruitment and talent acquisition to employee lifecycle management.

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Author: Md Aminul Islam, HR Professional, LinkedIn 

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