What is Resume Profile

Including a resume profile or profile statement or simply profile on resume can be effective to show a recruiter why you are well qualified for the job. Career Objective can be replaced by Profile Statement. It will be most effective for experienced candidate.

A resume profile is a section of a resume that includes a brief summary of an applicant’s skills, experiences, and goals as they relate to a specific job opening.

Resume profiles are the first opportunity to highlight a person’s relevant career experiences, skills, and what they are looking with their next position.

Profile statement should be customized to match the qualifications the employer is seeking. Well-written resume profiles are concise but it is enough to give recruiter a clear picture about you.

Example of Resume Profile

Below format (not limited to) may be used during writing Resume Profile.

(Current Position/ Professional type) with (total experience) years of experience in (experience field). Have good knowledge in (competency & skill). Expert in (business field) possess (highest/ relevant education).

Let us consider a Brand Manager’s Profile

A Marketing catalyst with 10 years of experience field in FMCG industry. Have good knowledge in Market Analysis, Brand Planning & Advertising. Expert in launching new product & possess a MBA major in Marketing.

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